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For students that miss a daily Bell Ringer, they should look to their Google Classroom. There will be a tab on the left hand side labeled- Bell Ringers, where the Google Slides of Bell Ringers will be available. Please remember that each week students will hand in their Bell Ringers to be graded. This is worth 5% of their overall grade. 

"There is no substitute for hard work." - Thomas Edison 

Best Wishes,

Ms. Buehler 


Students have been hard at work for the first 7 weeks of school. They have been studying three Native American cultures- Sioux, Haudenosaunee & Pueblos. Throughout this unit their main goal was the answer the question: How are communities created? I encourage you to ask your student this question and note their response. Different activities were created for students to explore the culture of Native American tribes as well as their own culture. 

A student's group was assigned the arts of Haudenosaunee. Mrs. David, a middle school Mohawk Language teacher, helped this student make her own wampum. This was an experience that I am sure will stay with this student. 

Students in this group are sculpting a scene to represent food of the Sioux. One of the most important elements of Sioux culture is the bison. They would use the bison for housing, food, weapons, tools & clothing.  

Above you will see some of the final exhibits done by 7th Graders. I am very proud of the work they put into these exhibits as well as their creativity. 

Our next unit will be on Colonization where students will be convincing others to settle in their colony under study. 

Best Wishes! 

Ms. Buehler 

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