Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday, December 12

Math homework: Finish the practice test and look at the answer key.  Click here for both.  IMPORTANT !!!!  There are two typos on the answer key...#1d should say quotient and 8a should have an 8 where there is a 6.  The final answer for that one should be -24. Make sure to study.  You might also want to do the other person's (Person A or B) problems from Thursday's classwork as extra practice because you know the answers to those problems but haven't done them yet.

Science homework:  Finish Part I of the lab (write the function of each part of the microscope) if you didn't finish it in class.  Tomorrow there is a quiz on identifying the parts of a microscope.

English Homework:  Read, Annotate (*unknown words in pink/red* and gist for each paragraph) and Answer Questions on Christmas Tree Lights Article

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